Strong power: low speed power upgrade, better starting performance. Faster acceleration and better climbing performance.

Excellent reliability: sufficient margin is reserved for key parts design. The strength is more than 30% of other similar products. Longer engine life.

Lower maintenance cost: less parts quantity and lower failure make the comprehensive maintenance cost of engine greatly reduced. The maintenance time is more than 50% less than that of other similar products.


Carrying:carrying the weight of the machine.

Drive: the gearbox inputs the power of the axle, and further decelerates and increases the torque through the internal transmission system of the axle to drive the machine.

Differential: the differential provides the sensitive differential function of the left and right tires of the axle. The machine can turn flexibly and reduce tire wear.

Brake: The brake installed on the axle is the actuating element of the machine driving brake.


Change the transmission ratio between the engine and the driving wheel,meet the speed and traction required for the operation and driving of the machine.

Realize the reverse running of the machine.

Cut off the power transmitted to the traveling mechanism.

Reduce wheelbase to solve the problem of different shafts between engine output and drive axle input.


The oil cylinder, as the action actuator in the hydraulic system, can realize the expected action through the expansion and contraction of the piston rod of the oil cylinder and by using the connecting rod mechanism.